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  • BONCHEY Bolivian Bazar Bag Poppins Teews is a large sized tote bag. It is super strong, spacious and lightweight, and perfect for daily use. The pocket inside makes it easy to organize. The Bolivian Bazar Bag is the ultimate BONCHEY bag. Own a Bolivian Bazar Bag and you will soon notice it will become your life companion, accompanying you wherever you go.

    Add a Nappa leather shoulder strap to your Poppins BONCHEY for a luxurious touch and ultimate handsfree living.


    Note: As all items are hand made, minor variations from product pictures may occur.

    Man made in Bolivia from partly recycled, and 100% recyclable HDPE ♴. Handle made from Vinyl ♵. BONCHEY works with a WFTO certified supplier.

    Sustainability is at the heart of BONCHEY's product design. Our bags are made to use on a daily basis, at any occasion, at anytime. Its material, high density polyethylene (HDPE) is known for its strength-to-density (maximum stress a material can withstand), and is easy to clean by hand. A multi-purpose bag, that carries loads, but takes up only a tiny amount of space in your wardrobe or suitcase.

    To make sure sustainability runs throughout the complete manufacturing process, we work with suppliers who have the same values as we do. We are proud to work with our Bolivian partners, who are constantly coming up with creative environmental projects in Bolivia, considering the worker's needs and creating realistic change.

    Care instructions: Clean the body of your BONCHEY bag in the sink, with some water, a little detergent and a sponge. After intensive use, BONCHEY bags can show small signs of use. We recommend repairing over replacing with a new bag, as in most cases, the bags lifespan can easily be prolonged after a small repair. Use transparent nylon threads in case of small holes, and in case your handles need repair; do not hesitate to reach out. We will always do our upmost to help you out. Finally; like most of us, a BONCHEY bag is not a fan of rain.
    Fits: Your everyday essentials + clothes for a weekend away, groceries for a week, 8 bottles of wine, five 15” laptops, a pet baby elephant or 40 potatoes.

    45cm x 38cm

    length: 45 cm
    height: 38 cm
    depth: 15,5 cm
    handle drop: 11 cm

    Use: BONCHEYs look cute, but also like to be taken out; Take your BONCHEY bag with you wherever you go, whether it is to the market, to a dinner at friends, a work out, or the beach, you will soon notice it is the first bag to grab and only bag you need, when leaving the house.
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