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About the brand

BONCHEY is an independent label rooted in La Paz, Bolivia, and established in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The brand was born out of the idea of creating a high quality, ethically produced version of the iconic bag carried by the indigenous ladies of Bolivia, and introducing it as a fashion accessory world wide. All this, while keeping the production in Bolivia, and hereby creating employment in the country the bags originate from.

Straight-forward design and refined Bolivian color schemes are the foundation of a BONCHEY bag. The bag is light weight, super strong, and keeps your belongings nice & compact. While using it, one quickly notices its multi-purpose character that makes the bag an everyday essential.

The bags are made from partly recycled and fully recyclable HDPE. We are happy to work with a fair trade supplier, who values sustainability and an ethical way of working as much as we do.

BONCHEY [Bon-tchi] is a playful combination of Bolivia and donkey, our favorite animal that is as cute as it is strong. Just like our bags. 🙂

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BONCHEY & sustainability

BONCHEY’s sustainability is at the heart of its product design. Our bags are made to last and of timeless design. Their strength and light weight allows a BONCHEY- owner to use the bags not only as a fashion accessory. The bags are equally used for grocery shopping, as a sports bag, an office bag or a beach bag. A multi-purpose bag, that carries loads, but takes up only a tiny amount of space in your wardrobe or suitcase.

The bags are made of partly recycled, and 100% recyclable high density polyethylene (HDPE). This material is known for its strength-to-density (maximum stress a material can withstand), and is easy to clean by hand.

To make sure sustainability runs throughout the complete manufacturing process, we work with suppliers who have the same values as we do. We are proud to work with our Bolivian partners, who are constantly coming up with creative environmental projects, considering the worker’s needs and creating realistic change. A great example of this is a piece of property they own on the Bolivian countryside, where they are currently setting up a shared organic vegetable and fruit garden for the workers.

BONCHEY by Marina Coenen
by Marina Coenen
BONCHEY by Marina Coenen
by Marina Coenen
BONCHEY by Marina Coenen
BONCHEY by Marina Coenen
Photography by Marina Coenen


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