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About the brand

BONCHEY is rooted in La Paz, Bolivia, and established in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 
The brand was born out of the idea of creating a high quality, ethically produced version of the iconic bag carried by the indigenous ladies of Bolivia, and introducing it as a fashion accessory world wide. All this while keeping the production in Bolivia, hereby creating employment in the country the bags originate from. 

Straight-forward design and refined Bolivian color schemes are the foundation of a BONCHEY bag. The bag is light weight, super strong, and keeps your belongings nice & compact. While using it, one quickly notices its multi-purpose character that makes the bag an everyday essential.

The bags are made from partly recycled and fully recyclable HDPE. We are happy to work with a fair trade supplier, who values sustainability and an ethical way of working as much as we do.

BONCHEY [Bon-tchi] is a playful combination of Bolivia and donkey, our favorite animal that is as cute as it is strong. Just like our bags. 🙂

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Photography by Marina Coenen



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